Lego Selfies

I came across this project on a really cool art education blog  and knew my fourth graders would love it. After a mini-lesson on the basic shapes that make up a lego body, students dove right in. The next class was all about creating value through shadows and/or color. I gave them a blank lego figure  (like the one below)

to practice techniques in creating value – this REALLY made their final pieces successful. Students could choose from oil pastels, colored pencils or markers to add color and value to their self-portraits.



Pop Art Self Portraits

Oh Pop Art – the source of endless interesting discussions/potential projects/pinterest pages. Alas, I could only fit in one self portrait project inspired by Lichtenstein.

Pop Art Self Portraits.

Pop Art Self Portraits

Fourth and fifth grades spent about four classes drawing their portrait on pre-dotted paper, adding color using colored pencils and paint and outlining in sharpie.

pop art self portraits

Pop Art Self Portraits from four students

As an intro (what I call my “do-now”) to the lesson, students examined pictures I cut out of magazines using magnifying glasses to help them understand the concept of ben-day dots.

Pop Art Self Portraits

Pop Art Self Portrait

pop art self portrait