About Me

Hey! I’m Allison, I grew up in Massachusetts and have worked with youth since my days as a Timberland wearing member of City Year Boston and throughout my college career at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. After gaining experience in community centers and public art programs in some of Boston’s lowest socioeconomic neighborhoods, I spent  two years teaching 800 awesome K-5th graders at a public charter school. The following two years, I honed my craft with a smaller group of lucky K-8th graders.

As an art teacher, I maintain a balance between process and product. I believe guided exploration with materials is as important as being able to draw or paint realistically. One of my strengths as a teacher is creating projects that pertain to student interests and current, contemporary art.

When I’m not teaching, I’m chasing my curious two-year-old daughter around the house, blowing kisses to my four-month-old son, sweating at boot camp or drinking obscene amounts of coffee.


View More: http://rudyandmarta.pass.us/allison-yaphet-co-2017


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