Mouse Paint

One of my favorite books for introducing about color is Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. Now, there’s an abundance of resources online for using this book but the best one I’ve found is by Cassie Stephens. She has a awesome, simple tutorial for drawing mice that you can find here. And because it’s a “video” and because it’s not my voice the kids, of course,  were engrossed – like a fire alarm could have went off and they wouldn’t have budged.


After drawing the mice, I gave them a paper plate pallet and let them go to town. I love hearing the excited shouts as they blend secondary colors for the first time – “Wow! I made purrrple!” ” OMG – Ms. Shirley – Green! Come look!”

My classroom is organized by tables with colors, so another way I reinforce what we have learned that day is saying “if you sit at a primary colored table, you may line up”.


Happy painting! 🙂


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