Maternity Leave in the Art Room

A short seven weeks ago, I was running around my classroom finishing up prepping for maternity leave. Frantically photocopying, finishing power points and furiously organizing supplies. This is partly because I am a notorious procrastinator and partly because I wanted everything to be perfect. I left that evening with the cleaning crew – pretty satisfied my kids (and classroom) would survive twelve weeks without me.

A few days later my daughter Maya was born.

I made this!

Mommy and Maya

It was an emotional whirlwind of exhaustion and joy. As each of my friends asked how motherhood was all I could come up with was a lame, “everything is different”. Trying to describe the first few weeks of parenthood is like trying to describe the color blue to a person with no sight. I recently read a quote by the artist Sarah Walker in an article about motherhood changing your brain that came kind of close. She said, “becoming a mother is like discovering the existence of a strange new room in a house where you already live”. So, it’s kind of like that. And like being in love while severely sleep deprived.

So for the next few weeks, this love-struck, bleary eyed parent will be sharing fabulous art projects we did in the classroom  but that I never got around to posting.


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