Six Year Olds + Wet Glue = Triumph

My greatest accomplishment for the second week of the new school year: successfully using wet bottled glue with kindergarten and first grade. This from the teacher who, last year, spent two full classes practicing procedures for painting WITH NO ACTUAL PAINT. I’ve learned the importance of song, repetition and anthropomorphism when teaching new skills to youngsters. Here’s a few pictures of the beginning stages of our 3-D sculptures, inspired by Cassie Stevens.



We are doing this  project as part of a bigger unit on lines and shape.  In addition to discussing valuable art terms like line, sculpture, 3D and flat, it also helps us practice classroom procedures for the “mini-lesson” (I explain what we are doing for the say and show any techniques), “artists at work” (their work time), and clean up (weeks of reinforcement go in to orchestrating 30 six-year olds to clean up on time and properly).


But mostly, we are doing this project for the joy I get out of seeing the shock on their teacher’s face when I let them know the whole class just used wet glue…at the same time…independently 🙂



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