First Year Wrap-Up



Ms. Shirley wants to sleep

“Ms. Shirley wants to help you learn and she wants to sleep”.

Well it’s June. I survived my first year of full-time, real life teaching! These last 9 months have been some of the most grueling and rewarding of my life. One of my goals this summer was to create a blog about my life as a new teacher. The triumphs and challenges, the ten-hour days, the endless editing in search of the most effective lesson plans – and of course to showcase all the amazing artwork coming out of room 133.

Until school starts again in August I’ll be sharing some of the things that worked this past school year (lesson plans, behavior management techniques) and what I’m planning for the upcoming year (no smiling until Christmas!) as a bad to the bone, veteran second year teacher.

A bit about me – I teach at a Title 1, public charter school in Florida. I see around 650¬†fabulous kids in K-5th grades a week. When I’m not at creating amazing lesson plans that adhere flawlessly to all state standards while at the same time being relevant and engaging – I’m reading a great book on the porch with a cup of strong coffee, indulging in reality T.V. or (as of yesterday) at the potter’s wheel.




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